B-0299/MUM/PER/1000+/3/5982/2002                          B-0299/MUM/PER/1000+/3/5982/2002




  • In these proposal the following definition apply.
  • “OVERSEAS CLIENT” means the company who appoint us as there authorized Manpower Consultant / Recruitment Agent to engage the suitable candidates required to Work for their organization.
  • “R.T.M.C” Means Rumani Travels Manpower consultant.


Subject to the terms & condition of OVERSEAS CLIENT R.T.M.C shall render for OVERSEAS CLIENT all the services deemed necessary & required for the selection and recruitment of candidates of various qualification sourced from India.


  • R.T.M.C will arrange to publish an advertisement in local leading newspaper if required and advised by OVERSEAS CLIENT, however the OVERSEAS CLIENT has to give an written approval to the R.T.M.C.
  • The OVERSEAS CLIENT has to pay all agreed advertising charges to R.T.M.C with approval of advertisement (Invioce will be submitted.)
  • No Advertisement will be placed by the R.T.M.C with out the written approval of OVERSEAS CLIENT & payment .
  • If OVERSEAS CLIENT cancel an advertisement, notice of the cancellation must be provided in writing by the OVERSEAS CLIENT to R.T.M.C will endeavour to cancel the advertisement before going to press in order to avoid cancellation charges, however the OVERSEAS CLIENT will remain responsible for any cost incurred.


  • After publishing the Advertisement R.T.M.C will start collecting the Resumes which will come by courier and email.
  • R.T.M.C will screen and short list all resumes and will forward all short listed Resumes to OVERSEAS CLIENT with in 3-4 weeks from the receipt of the OVERSEAS CLIENT request.
  • R.T.M.C will keep all short listed candidates ready for interview.
  • R.T.M.C will arrange for interview of all applicant weather in person, by telephone or by video conference or other means which ever is suitable for OVERSEAS CLIENT.
  • R.T.M.C will bear all cost related to above Para.
  • R.T.M.C shall ensure that all interviewees have valid passports & they should present at the time of interview along with their all educational certificates & testimonials.
  • R.T.M.C guarantees the physical and mental fitness of all candidates recruited to the OVERSEAS CLIENT.
  • R.T.M.C will hold original passports of all selected candidates till the time specified by OVERSEAS CLIENT. R.T.M.C will release the passports if OVERSEAS CLIENT will not forward the visa within the time specified to R.T.M.C, and will not hold any responsibility of candidate.


  • OVERSEAS CLIENT has to forward all legal documents like Visa, Agreements for all selected candidates to R.T.M.C within the specified time given to R.T.M.C.
  • OVERSEAS CLIENT has to forward demand letter, power of Attorney and individual Agreements attested by Indian Embassy in the country of OVERSEAS CLIENT to R.T.M.C for obtaining Emigration Clearance on passport of individual candidates.
  • OVERSEAS CLIENT has to forward the Joining Ticket of each selected candidate to R.T.M.C along with their visas.
  • R.T.M.C will arrange for departure of all selected candidates within 45 days of receipt of the documents on their desk.


    Professionals one salary
    Doctors one salary
    Nurses one salary
    Para Medical one salary
    Engineer one salary
    Technicians USD 500/-
    Skilled & Semi Skilled worker USD 300/-
  • The OVERSEAS CLIENT has to pay the agreed fees to the R.T.M.C immediately once the departure date is finalized.
  • The OVERSEAS CLIENT has to pay 50% of the agreed fees to R.T.M. C for the candidates who repatriated from the country due to termination of Job for the reason’s specified in "Replacement" para.
  • The R.T.M.C will charge to all deployed candidates for the following on actual’s.

    a) Medical Examinations (By GAMCA Approved Doctor)
    b) P.C.C.(Police Clearence Certificate from respective passport office) if required.
    c) Visa stamping fees
    d) Emigration Clearance


  • Replacement for candidates recruited and processed by R.T.M.C if during the probationary period of 90 days either the EMPLOYEE or the OVERSEAS CLIENT may terminate the employment contract. R.T.M.C is only obliged to provide the company with a competent alternative (if so demanded by OVERSEAS CLIENT) without any extra charges under the following conditions.

    a) If a candidate is found medically unfit.
    b) If a candidate is found unsuitable for the specific job.
    c) If a candidate requests to be repatriated to his point of origin due to personal reason.
    d) If company decides to terminate the candidates contract due to misconduct or delinquency
    e) Repatriation expenses will be borne by the individual candidate if the reason for repatriation is for the reasons mention in Para a-b-c and d .


  • The terms & conditions mention in our proposal is flexible and R.T.M.C is ready to discuss on the terms mention above.
     Name                                                   Roomaney Mohd. Farooque Hasan
     Position:                                               Position: Chief Executive Officer.


  • We hold responsibility if any skilled candidate is not found up to the standard, during the probation period. We, RUMANI TRAVELS, will provide a replacement without any additional services charges.

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